Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chainmaille bracelet and earrings

Working on this jewelery set made me survive during an 8-hour long bus trip. Otherwise i would die of boredom. Working on all those small pieces makes time fly so quickly. Though I would not recommend anyone to play with wire and pliers while sitting in the bus. It can be dangerous not only for yourself but also for a person next to you.

The chainmaille technique I used is very simple. You start the necklace by adding three rings clockwise and continue like this until you reach the desired length. You can make it with or without beads. It's all up too you. I just think that those tiny seed beads make the chain look less shiny and add some fresh and casual feel. It is great for summer or spring season.

I made the clasp by coiling thin cooper wire onto a thicker wire. So as you see it's easy enough:)
chainmail necklace and earrings


juno said...

beautiful..simply beautiful

The Beading Gem said...

Nicely done! I always like beads with chain maille!

Summers said...

Absolutely lovely!

juno said...

a really attractive blog worths visiting again and again

admin said...

thank you guys:)