Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seed Beads meet Wire

seed beads cooper wire necklace

seed beads cooper wire necklace


Karyn said...

This turned out beautifully. I have to admit wire crochet is something I still want to try. I can only ''just'' crochet with cotton but have been told the wire is more forgiving than the cotton when it comes to mistakes!

Gorgeous work!


admin said...

Oh, thank you so much! I tried wire crochet for the first time and I started with this most simple technique. I believe that when you make it with cotton, those threads are more like a background. But this copper wire has so much shine and color shades in it that it sort of playing the main role along with the beads. I hope you will try it some day. By the way I have checked your blog. Your designs are gorgeous! Keep it up!! :)))

Unknown said...

beautiful crochet necklace, wonder

A said...

i just discovered your blog! i love this neclace, i like the colour combination, it's really summery :)

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A said...

thanks for following my blog :)!

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