Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I saw that I have 93 followers already. Almost 100! Thank you so much for visiting my blogg:) Here is a little suprise for all of you, my dear friends! A business card for those who like beading and jewelry making. It is free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy :)) Click HERE to download

business card jewelry beading jewelry-making supplies handmade handcrafted free download


Agnieszka said...

Congratulations and welcome to my new shop at Waiting for your opinions! :)

Isabel said...

Hi! I just added myself to you list of followers! I think your blog and your wares are totally adorable. I am brand new to the blogging world and just started Wearabelles. I would be very grateful if you would check it out and maybe we could do a link exchange? Thanks and congrats!

Ari said...

I like your blog :-)
Greetings from germany.

Perlina Rosa said...

The business cards with blue motive are charming

fotolabida1 said...


vanessa rojo brake said...

I love surfing the web and discover new places! I've found yours and I have become a time gossiping,

reading and I love it! Besides, I really like to participate and support the bloggers, but we support each other,

who would ?¿?¿? I follow you and give you my congratulations, I left mine, if you like and think I deserve it, I would love to be part of the "following"

for girls / I like you make it possible and very special for me! a besin


Toyin O. said...

Nice blog, congrats on your numerous followers:)

Anonymous said...

You have here amazing pieces. Very inspiring.
Happy New Year!

SILVIA said...

great blog honey!!!!
such a perfect style

Retta Langevin said...

Now that you have more than 200 followers, I believe you should produce more business cards for them. Changing the design of your old business card would be a good idea too. People would love to see something new and unique. But if you want to stick with your old card design, that would be okay. @ Turf Signs